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Mdzs fic rec

By | 05.10.2020

Y'all are gonna love this one, I know it. Arranged marriage my ass. G, 9k, juniors, background wangxian, series in progress. Summary: The thing that most people who are not sect leaders fail to understand is that being a sect leader is hard.

Or something. In which Jin Ling turns to masked vigilantism as a way to more effectively help people. So he just has to… find a different way to do them. His buddies figure him out after a while, of course, and then the four of them set to scheming once again although Jin Ling swears that Ouyang Zizhen better not write a dumb book about this! Jin Ling holds up his hand. And my work is done, so I will take my leave. The easy answer is because you needed it, but that would just make her ask how he knew that.

Jin Ling shakes his masked head instead, and gazes nobly into the distance. I used to be dead. We both annoy the same people, as far as I can tell. The Jingshi or, more specifically, wwx is being haunted by a ghost with a grudge he keeps sucking away all the heat. Starting a brand new fandom always leaves you puzzled for a few months while you catch up to everyone else.

You understand all of it.

mdzs fic rec

What he does is try and breathe. Clench his hands at his sides. You have to do something for me. You have to help Jin Ling.

This was entirely surprising. Some years after Wei Wuxian dies, Jiang Cheng spends some time with Nie Huaisang, who is very subtle about manipulating him to see some of the rotten things going on around them. And perhaps finds himself very drawn to the occasional flashes of surety and control that Nie Huaisang shows.

Basically a super-adorable, fluffy, domestic au in which Lwj decides to become Wei Wangji and commit his life to his Wei Ying and their small tornado of a child, Wei Yuan. Comprised of 5 stories so far, differing POV wwx, lwj, letters from siblings, Part 4 is all a-yuan — which is so cute I almost cried. Chapter 1 is satisfying. Finally happy domesticity and healing. He tightens his grip when Lan Zhan tries to shake him off. If you leave that means you give up and have to acknowledge we are friends.

Lan Zhan stares at him with an unfathomable expression, raising his nerves to an even greater height. Laughing off the familiar rejection Wei Ying leans further into Lan Zhan, his nose almost brushing his cheek. Stealing kisses and biting them whenever you please? And the Epilogue is the best! Top Photos.Also this was originally intended for Mermay but its a bit late, oops? Still almost entirely Wangxian, mostly canon setting.

Turns out Lan Wangji is too virtuous to be Chief Cultivator, so no one really minds when the Yiling Patriarch keeps kidnapping him for extended periods of time. Ultimately very sweet as well. May make you cry.

Also, note bottom! Yiling Patriarch! Wei Wuxian is very unstable and self-hating in this one, but LWJ slowly gives him back his warmth and life. Featuring lots of bottom! LWJ sex and resentful energy tentacles, and some very lovely language. Really brittle and bitter and yet beautiful. Healing through smut, one of my favorite things. Since both the author and I came from YOI fandom, the similarities of cultivation as a sport with figure skating are appreciated.

While being watched by a rabid fanbase including shippers. Great plot, also. Somewhat heavy on the angst and pining, but a happy ending.

This is one of those fics that will make you nearly DIE with the beautiful longing and gradual confessions.

mo fic rec

Amazing, wonderful, genius, etc. Plus the reunion. But this. Sweet falling in love, with fairly dramatic plot that is well-translated to the new setting. I really like all the character details and quietly sweet moments.

So incredibly useful if you, like myself, like using pinyin terms instead of awkward translations. As before, feel free to add your own recs. Sharing some fave Lan Wangji and Wangxian fics.

Lan Huan laughs and tugs Lan Zhan outside to dance among the pine forests. Be kind is what she tells him, protect him. His brother is right: no one knows her. It bothers him sometimes, as he seeks to understand, and eventually he cracks. It is there in one moment and then gone in the next, just a fleeting hint of recognition, relief that spreads through his chest with intensity that makes his knees wobble.

I miss my old height. My first time making a fic rec list, so be gentle please. If any of the authors would like me to remove their fics, just let me know! Keep reading. Wei Wuxian tried to keep his head down for the most part.

However, there was a part of the dance where he found himself tilting his head up and throwing his arm up into the air, before slowly moving his arm with the fall of his sleeve. At that moment, he took a moment to look into the crowd to see a pair of wide golden eyes looking right at him. Still mimicking the other dancers, Wei Wuxian observed Lan Wangji intently, tilting his head to one side and dragging his hand from one shoulder and slowly down his chest, letting the sleeves create a sensual curve diagonally across it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Wei Wuxian is down on his luck. Wei Wuxian is broke. A plague of suspicious hauntings brings him to the attention of the Bureau of Investigation, but he has no idea how involved in it he will be until he meets….

Mo XuanYu successfully summons the Yiling Patriarch from the dead and exacts revenge on those who wronged him. Three years later, someone — a lunatic to some, a dead man to others — sells flowers at the marketplace in the dead of winter.

Or, that AU where everyone is famous in some way or another, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have been dating in private for years, and Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng pretend to date publicly for their brothers' sake. Through numerous report coverages and social-media influencer visits, he has garnered a huge following leading to full lines before it even opens at six am.

Customers await Yunmeng's best seller, the lotus seed buns that even huge fanatics of western-style desserts cannot turn away from!

Enter Lan Xichen, businessman by five am and business man by- who was he kidding? His work was a constant 24 hour worry. Owning Gusu, a major company that dealt with numerous 5-star hotel chains and the like, he barely has any time for a meal unless it's coffee or a bowl of bland instant oats.

Surely his bitterness was just a face, hm? How else could he make treats so sweet? Lan Xichen was now a man on a mission, to capture his heart faster than you can say:. Jiang Cheng bites his own lips. Sect Leader Lan was talking nonsense, doing nonsense.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If Jiang Cheng wants to have absolutely zero thing to do with this, he should be excusing himself, flying away on his Sandu, never to return again. But if he were to leave Sect Leader Lan here alone, out of Cloud Recesses, with no one else to oversee him Together, they find a case of malicious ghouls that needs solving, culinary experiments that brings back memories, a chance to heal in a secret place, and perhaps also--a new reason to hope in each other. Shen Qingqiu does a slightly better job of resolving things with Luo Binghe before self destructing, so when he's reborn into the Sun and Moon Dew Flower Seed body, the System gives him the chance to unlock a new save file as Peerless Cucumber: Mysterious Rogue Cultivator.

He still can't escape the protagonist's orbit, or his fate as a fixer of plotholes, of course, but Shen Yuan won't let go of his fresh start so easily. He takes him there. Hides him. And they flee before the Lan elders find them. Rec The ribbon then becomes a part of you; it senses different things and emphasises certain emotions.

Lan Wangji never expected that loving his soulmate would bring him so much pain and heartache.My first time making a fic rec list, so be gentle please.

If any of the authors would like me to remove their fics, just let me know! Some of the words are in blood. Which is why it should come as a surprise to no one when Lan Wangji falls in love with an actual ghost. They figure things out anyway. Synopsis: or, one hundred and thirty-three principles of the Gusu Lan, pertaining to the state of marriage.

He bows to Wei Wuxian, sword in hand, sleeves falling properly. Wei Wuxian bows in return, and the sect leaders begin the opening courtesies, and for all of ten minutes Lan Wangji is under the impression that he is betrothed to a boy who is perfectly normal and acceptable apart from an unfortunate tendency to fidget with his clothes.

Comments: Can you tell that I love the arranged marriage trope? While there is much celebration to be had, the price of war claims the life of their emperor, thus throwing the realm into uncertainty. Prince Lan Wangji must now watch as his older brother inherits the throne, bearing the weight of the legacy their father left behind.

That, however, is the least of his worries. As the lands gather in celebration, Prince Lan Wangji is reunited with a man he has not seen in thirteen years. She cooks for me and knows all my favorite foods, and brings me lunch. She buys me anything I want, and her family all joke about our wedding.

I once fell asleep on her lap and when I woke up she was stroking my hair and I almost had a stroke. However, he already has plans for that night. Instead of going on the date himself, Mo Xuanyu enlists Wei Wuxian to go as a substitute. Obviously, I do. It was almost time for the guards to emerge, for careful cultivators to clamber up the walls and wear fine white robes into the sunshine. It was time for the Cloud Recesses to awaken, and they were in full view of where those eyes would show.

Synopsis: Lan WangJi is always so attentive towards Wei WuXian, giving him what he needs before he even realizes he needs it. This time, Wei WuXian wants to give something back. Every day shenanigans ensue.

What does EYES spell - MDZS Animatic

Jin Ling, who at the beginning of that sentence had expected to slam into the very last wall of his patience and lose his temper entirely, paused. Comments: Jin Ling decides that Lan Sizhui would make the perfect spouse. The first fic that turned me onto mdzs, highly recommended. Funny and touching.

mdzs fic rec

He has been playing guqin on the other side of the room without speaking for two hours, and Wei Wuxian has been noodling with some new ideas for talismans for nearly as long—one of those easy, quiet evenings of companionable silence, until Lan Zhan has thrown this enormous tantrum out of nowhere.

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All fics are completed. That impression does not last.Welcome to the Tumblr library archive for Wangxian fanfiction with moderated tagging system. Looking for specific tags? Here is our library.

Mo fic rec list

Recommended by: shamelesswngxian mod. Apparently, the Burial Mounds are now a prime piece of real estate that everyone wants to live on. Or, wherein everyone keeps moving into, or frequently visiting the Burial Mounds, and Wei Wuxian has no idea what is happening anymore. JY, being the best Shijie that she is, starts a peaceful revolution by moving in to the Burial Mounds. Soon, a new trend is set and more and more people from the Cultivation World join her including and not limited to NHS, Mian Mian, etc.

Even more people come and have sleepovers in the Demon Slaughter Cave.

mdzs fic rec

A-Yuan is having an absolute blast. Wei Wuxian wears Lan ceremonial robes for the first time, and Lan Wangji needs a moment to deal with the mere sight of it. We like to see one absolutely whipped husband. Yiling Laozu Wei Wuxian has gone beyond the pale! He has murdered Hanguang-Jun! This is the first thing the swan hears flying over Yiling, and it sets him to hissing. So he hisses. If you want something cute and lighthearted then this is the right story for you.

Hope you have a good read! Author: stiltonbasket stiltonbasket. You really want me to stand in for you while you help Jin Ling settle in at Koi Tower? Recommended by: devildears mod.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. There was longing in there too, which Wei Wuxian would have easily recognised if he paid enough attention. It was a life and death situation. There was no confessing. Wherein Wei Wuxian ends up meeting an alternate version of himself who, much to his horror, never married Lan Wangji. Obviously he has to do something to fix this. Lan Congyi is in the middle of carefully holding his eyelids open to check his pupils, but he still obeys, bless him.

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji find themselves cursed, unable to see or hear each other. They figure things out anyway. Wei Wuxian pulls back a corner of the parcel, sees black silk with scarlet embroidery, and grins. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.Hi guys. As usual, here are the links to the previous three lists before we get started:.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. The way the author has written this had me in tears for like four chapters in a row. Wei Wuxian finds an object that shows him the future. The author is killing me with the slow burn wangxian but I am enjoying so much. Well worth it! Mo Xuanyu tries to sacrifice himself to bring back Wei Wuxian but something goes wrong and he not only lives but brings Wuxian back in his original body.

This fic has a nice balance of Angst and fluff though it is leaning more towards the angst right now, which is just how I like it! Some triggering content so as always, make sure you read the tags before heading in! So, according to the tags the author is treating this as a crack fic but….

The cliffhangers are out of this world but it is so worth the suffering. On the topic of the smut though, it is so well written. So well written. Definitely check it out guys not just for the smut though. The story is fantastic as well! Plus we get some Lan Qiren almost going into Qi deviation which is always a joy.

Also, better yet!!

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